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Carpet Cleaning Services Oroville CA

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Oroville CA

Carpet has become an integral part of our lives. You will see a few houses that do not have carpet as a floor covering. Apart from the residents, many business owners also install carpet in their commercial properties like stores, restaurants, hotels, etc.

It is because of the appealing look, warmth, and touch of comfort a carpet brings to your place. But with constant use, it requires proper cleaning and maintenance, which keeps it in tip-top condition and protects it from wear and tear. Because the dirt, soil, and debris make the carpet dull and lose the fibers if they enter into the carpet fibers.

At Tarantino Carpet Cleaning, we provide the best carpet cleaning services in Oroville, Chico, and surrounding areas, that ensure thorough cleaning. We believe that a dirty carpet not only affects the look of your place but can also affect your health. That’s why we use truck mounted steam cleaning method that remove the dirt, grime, and allergens trapped inside your carpet fibers, which give a clean look to your carpet and a healthy environment.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process


As a first step, our cleaning professionals inspect the carpet area. This inspection helps them choose suitable cleaning supplies.


After inspecting the carpet area, cleaners thoroughly vacuum the carpet, which removes the dirt and debris on the surface of the carpet.

Steam Cleaning

To remove the contaminants trapped inside the fibers, we use the truck-mounted steam cleaning method that gives effective cleaning results.

Spot Treatment

If any spot remains on your carpet after steam cleaning, we treat it with a different approach and clean the carpet area again.

Post Inspection

After cleaning your carpet thoroughly, we finally conduct a post-inspection with the homeowner to ensure complete satisfaction.

In Between Cleaning Recommendations

To keep your carpet looking neat and clean, you should regularly vacuum the carpet.

Some Best Vacuuming Tips:


While vacuuming, move your cleaner over the same area back and forth a few times, then left to right, and then move to the next area.


Vacuum your carpet once or twice a week.


The edges and high-traffic areas require more attention.


Vacuum the carpet gently and avoid harsh cleaning.

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Our Happy Customers!

5 Star Rating
“When we bought our our new to us house It was dirty with pet odor everywhere- Tarantino carpet cleaning was SO helpful at easing my mind- and all the stains and smell were gone before we moved in. He worked a miracle and we were so grateful!”
Krista L.

5 Star Rating
“This guy is amazing! I needed someone last minute and he was able to squeeze me in. I wish I found him sooner for previous jobs I needed done. I appreciate is knowledge and his spirituality. He did a great job on my home for a price that I couldn’t get anywhere else. Thank you!!”
Debvora W.