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What Is The Average Carpet Cleaning Cost?

September 13, 2022

What Is The Average Carpet Cleaning Cost_

With constant use and high traffic, sometimes it becomes difficult to keep your carpet tidy and clean. And no matter how frequently and properly you vacuum your carpet, a layer of dirt and grime accumulates on your carpet and gets trapped deep inside the carpet fibers.

For these reasons, experts always suggest getting your carpet deep cleaned once a year. Professional deep cleaning effectively removes the dirt and grime from the carpet fibers and helps prolong your carpet life. But the question that arises here is, what does the average carpet cleaning cost?

Well, the carpet cleaning cost varies from provider to provider. And there are several factors like carpet size, type, and cleaning method that affect the cost. However, the average carpet cleaning cost is $0.20 to $0.40 per soiree foot or $75 to $200 per room.

Average Carpet Cleaning Cost Depending on Different Factors 

↣ Carpet Cleaning Cost Per Square Foot

The most common way of deciding the carpet cleaning cost is by the area to be cleaned. The average price is 0.02 to 0.40 per square foot. But this price is not fixed. If you have a small carpet, you are likely to pay a flat fee.

Size Per Square Foot Average Cleaning Cost
200 – 400 $80 – $130
500 – 1000 $100 – $250
1000 – 1500 $200 – $300
1500 – 2000 $250 – $450
2000 – 3000 $400 – $550

Carpet Cleaning Cost For Different Types 

Nowadays carpet is made from different materials. Each material has its unique properties and requires a different cleaning method. So depending on the carpet material & type the cleaning cost changes accordingly.

Carpet Material Average Cleaning Cost (per room)
Berber Carpet $60 – $90
Cut and Level Loop $70 – $120
Cotton & Wool $100 – $150
Synthetic $60 to $250

Carpet Cleaning Cost by Cleaning Method

Another factor affecting the carpet cleaning cost is the cleaning methods to be used. Different carpet cleaning methods are required for cleaning different types of carpet.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

It is one of the most commonly used carpet cleaning methods. High-temperature steam is inserted into the carpet fibers and extracted with dirt and contaminants. This method is highly effective and gentle for your carpet. It requires a specialized cleaning machine.

Carpet Shampooing

This method does a great job on the surface and removes the accumulated dirt and grime. According to the dirt severity, cleaners may use different cleaning agents. After applying the agent, the carpet is thoroughly scrubbed using a machine.

Dry Cleaning

This cleaning method uses dry powder-formed cleansers instead of water-based solutions. This method is also known as low moisture or encapsulation cleaning. It is a simple method and does not takes too long to clean.

Hot Water Extraction

This method is similar to steam cleaning, and it uses a water-based cleaning solution that is first penetrated by carpet fibers and then extracted using a powerful extraction machine. This method is generally used to clean water-damaged or very grimy carpet.

Cleaning Method Average Cleaning Cost (per room)
Steam Cleaning $100–$400
Shampooing $100–$300
Dry Cleaning $75–$250
Hot Water Extraction $450–$2,000

Other Factors Affecting The Carpet Cleaning Cost

Apart from the above-discussed factors, several things can affect the average carpet cleaning cost. That is-

  • Pet urine stain/odor removal
  • Water Damaged Carpet Cleaning
  • Carpet Repairing
  • Fast Drying
  • Furniture Moving
  • Green Carpet Cleaning
  • Padding Replacement
  • Teflon Protection