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How To Clean Leather Couch?

October 24, 2022

How To Clean Leather Couch

Leather is an excellent choice for your furniture, as it is attractive and adds a rustic charm to your home. Additionally, it is also really durable and easy to clean and maintain.

So, if your leather couch is looking a bit dull lately and you are looking for ways to clean it, we are here to help. In this blog, we will guide you step-by-step on how to clean your leather couch.

6-Step Guide On: How To Clean Leather Couch

Step 1. Vacuum The Couch

The first step in our “how to clean leather couch” is to thoroughly vacuum your couch to remove dust and debris from it. First, wipe your couch with a clean cotton cloth, and then vacuum it from end to end. A benefit of leather is that it requires less cleaning than other furniture materials.

Step 2. Remove The Stains

The next step after vacuuming is to remove any stains. In a bucket, combine in equal parts vinegar and warm water. Soak and wring a cloth in the bucket. Now, dab the cloth over the stains and rub until the stains are gone.

Step 3. Dry Your Couch Properly

It is crucial to immediately dry your couch after you are done with the stains, as excessive moisture can weaken the leather and may also lead to mold growth.

Try to absorb as much water as possible and, if possible, use a hair dryer for quick drying.

Step 4. Apply Cleaners

Before you follow this step on “how to clean leather couch”, read the instruction manual carefully to choose a suitable cleaner for your couch. Apply this cleaner on a cloth and dab it around your couch. After a few minutes, wipe the cleaner foam with a dry cloth.

Step 5. Make Your Couch Shine

After you have wiped off any remaining cleaner, it is time to buff up your couch. Apply conditioner to a cloth and rub it in a circular motion on the couch. Repeat until the entire couch has been covered. Conditioners make your leather couch shine and smell nice.

Step 6. Have Patience

The final step in “how to clean leather couch” is to exercise some self-control and not jump on your couch as soon as it has finished cleaning. Let your couch sit for an hour or two and let it absorb the oils from the conditioner.

Somethings To Remember

  • Always read the instruction manual before cleaning.
  • Never clean grease stains with water
  • Only use mild cleaners on your couch
  • Get your couch professionally cleaned annually.

Summing Up

Leather couches look beautiful and are easy to care for and maintain. With the steps mentioned above, now you know how to clean a leather couch. With proper care, your leather furniture will retain its vibrant look. But if you want to show your leather couch a bit of extra love, it is advisable to get it cleaned by professionals.